Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japanese Stab-Binding

Want to learn Japanese Stab-binding? Click here for simple & basic pattern
Other Stab binding tutorials:
Traditional Pattern
Tortoise Shell Pattern

Here are some examples of Japanese Stab Binding

I"ll start out with the simple method:

japanese stab binding

I'm quite proud of how they came out.
Here are different patterns:

japanese stab binding

japanese stab binding


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cause we all crave summer

I'm fairly rusty at the etsy thing, I'm getting much better though. I've just recently began exploring treasuries. After looking through so many beautiful collections, I went ahead and curated one of my own!

I live in Alaska, and due to the dreadfully dark winters, I have been craving Summer, and it's finally here! I got sucked into viewing all sorts of Beach inspired items, so I decided to put them into a treasury

Take Me Out To Sea


I hope everyone who sees it enjoys it!!

Let me know what you think :)

I really enjoyed putting this one together. Post links to your shop, I'll add you to my favorites and sift through your items for future treasuries.

Hello All :)

Hey everyone,

So I figured I'd make a blog to not only promote some of my work, but I'd like to also post some how-to's on here! I've been making a lot of books and beads lately, and also trying new things out with them. I'd like to get them out there as well as show off some techniques I use. 

I will aim to post on here as much as possible, so expect some posts coming up soon :)