Saturday, December 17, 2011

Up and Coming

Hey everyone, hope you all are excited for the holidays! :)

I posted quite a few stab binding patterns on here, as well as a convenient page with each one listed so no one has to hunt around my blog for each of them! :P
I currently have a tutorial for cute matchbook notepads as well; These are perfect little stocking stuffers, and so easy to make in between your holiday shopping and preparations! ;)

With that said -
Here are my plans for this blog in the next couple of months:

- More stab binding patterns, as well as printable templates for each pattern.
- Printable templates for quick paper crafts, envelopes, boxes, etc.
- Traditional bookbinding methods and how-to's.
- Examples of work (books, paper crafts, custom items)

Also, in mid-late February, my boyfriend and I will be driving cross-country, from Washington to Massachusetts, I will be sure to post pictures and such from our travels!!

xo Lori