Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Creative with Framing :)


I've been working as a Professional Custom Framer for over a year now. Seeing so much variety of pictures and items come through, I've started to experiment with different things you can do with framing.

Here is a shadowbox I made using parts of my own artwork:

I used an intaglio print I had made and cut out pieces of it. I used a sheet of hand-painted paper to line the back and sides and I used plastic spacers and wire to float the tree and form the branches, and pieces of foam board to lift the birds.

I didn't use glass, instead I used plexi, and carved an image into it, and used it as glass for the frame.

There's a ton you can do with a simple frame, try some new things out! :)


  1. That looks great and the shadow box is perfect for the artwork.

  2. That looks AMAZING! :) I love earthy things, especially anything with trees :)

    Your Newest Follower,