Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japanese Stab-Binding

Want to learn Japanese Stab-binding? Click here for simple & basic pattern
Other Stab binding tutorials:
Traditional Pattern
Tortoise Shell Pattern

Here are some examples of Japanese Stab Binding

I"ll start out with the simple method:

japanese stab binding

I'm quite proud of how they came out.
Here are different patterns:

japanese stab binding

japanese stab binding



  1. These are gorgeous! I love them! I will have to try this someday. Beautiful job! You should post a how-to. I'd love to read it. =D

  2. Thank you!! You should try it, it's fun, and you get an awesome book out of it :)
    I think I'll post a how-to! I'' probably post one up hopefully tomorrow.

  3. Nice little article on a binding. It is always good to see someone enjoy the art of book binding!