Monday, December 5, 2011

How To Make A Matchbook Notepad

How to make a matchbook notepad: These super cute little notepads are perfect to slip into your purse or keep on hand to jot down quick little notes. They're small, customizable, and simple to make.

What you will need:
Card-stock or scrapbook paper
15-20 pieces of scrap paper or 15-20 post-it notes
ruler, scissors, stapler
Optional: bone folder, stamps/embellishments

Step 1: Cut your card stock or scrapbook paper to size - I cut my paper to 2 1/8" x 4 1/2" for 2" x 2" post-it notes. (Feel free to adjust the size according to the size of scrap paper/post-it notes you are using.)

Step 2: Starting at one end of your card stock, score a line 1/2" from the bottom. Score another line appx 1/8" ABOVE your previous score line. Lightly fold on your scored lines. (If you are not using a bone folder, simply use your fingernail to score or go right to folding)

Step 3: Place your scrap paper or stack of post-it notes in your fold. Make sure they are in there evenly, and put a staple in the center to hold your paper in place.

Step 4: Score a line right above your post-it note stack, then score another line appx 1/8" above that scored line. Fold on the score marks, and tuck the cover flap into the stapled area like you would a matchbook. Decorate and embellish if desired.



  1. What a cute idea!

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams
    Etsy Promote Your Blog team

  2. very cute idea! thanks for the tutorial...

  3. I'm SO making these. Love it! Thank you.

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